January 19th, 2017

So happy to have been a part of recording/producing the upcoming Tim Darcy album! Coming out February 17th, I'm really looking forward to the live show

JULY 4, 2016

Back from tour and diving into some mixing of new solo work from the incredible Katie Greer of D.C.'s Priests

I've also been working with one of Toronto's most incredibly talented, budding vocalists, who's also a badass multi instrumentalist. Dorothea Paas has been adding vocal layers to some super fun and catchy dance tracks produced by Graeme Stewart. 


DEC 22, 2015

Just about to start recording 6 new songs by the Toronto/Halifax group Baby Cages. 

DEC 17, 2015

Very exciting solo album by a TBA artist, stay tuned! Soon I can reveal all.

Got to record and produce this one with my incredible business partner and inspired engineer, Ross Gillard. 

JULY 14th, 2015

Had the pleasure of working with Halloway Jones and Dorothea Paas recording some parts for this Baby Cages single, All U Want