There's this beautiful piece I once read, an article talking about field recording. The woman writing was walking on the beach with her daughter and her recorder. There were stunning sounds happening, maybe with the waves, or some shells rattling, but at the same moment her daughter wanted to show her something. There was a need for choice, what to discover. She writes about the challenge of knowing when to turn the recorder on and when not to. It is a wonderful article about learning how to listen. 

    I am an audio engineer, a professional listener, meaning I have to strike some balance between making bold choices, and using technical expertise to bring ideas to life. I have to hear what you want, however you are able to express it. 

    I am a live and studio engineer, and have had the good fortune to be able to work on a number of analog and digital consoles. My primary DAW is Pro Tools and I have a very portable recording setup.  

- Amy Fort



AMY KATHRYN FORT                                            Is based in Toronto and Montreal, Canada. She is currently working as the production manager at the Toronto venue, The Burdock. She also tours frequently as the FOH with the bands Ought and U.S. Girls (4AD).